The Watermelon Diet

It helps you lose weight, cleanse your body of toxins and reduce inflammation. Or, at least, that is what it claims. The Watermelon Diet makes big promises, but can it deliver on them? Let us take a closer look at this diet and see how it works.

Watermelon Diet

There are a couple of variations to this diet, the most popular one being a cleanse, of sorts. It involves a short, but very strict deprivation period. After it, you can return to your normal diet. Therefore, you can consider it a form of intermittent fasting. During the first stages of the Watermelon Diet, you eat nothing but watermelon. This phase lasts about three days. Specifics vary, but dieters usually have to eat about three large watermelons over the span of three days.

Once this time frame is up, people go back to their regular diet. Some prefer to slowly start incorporating other foods into their meals. In other versions, people eat two meals a day and snack on watermelon in between.

The Watermelon Diet

This diet can work, because you slash calories. By eating only watermelon and replacing other foods, you will lose weight. However, this may not always be the healthiest option. Watermelon has a high water content, meaning that it keeps you full longer. You will not feel the need to snack as much during the day. However, it does not provide enough nutrients.

Before you start stocking up on watermelons, there are some things you should kn9ow. The Watermelon Diet leaves people without the nutrients they need. It does not even have the necessary protein. Because of this, children or pregnant women should never try and follow this diet. This is a short-term diet that might not offer long-term results.

Once you stop following this diet, you will return to unhealthy habits and regain the weight you managed to lose. However, if you have a healthy lifestyle, it will do no harm to follow it for a few days. Just make sure you have a follow-up plan that also involves exercising and healthy eating!

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