Walking vs Running – Health benefits and differences

Walking vs Running

Walking vs Running stands as an interesting subject for those who want to become more active or those who want to get to the next level. Whatever you choose, both walking and running come with a serious health benefits.

Walking vs Running Health Benefits

Walking has benefits like maintaining a normal arterial tension, reducing the fat tissue, strengthening the muscles and bones. It also reduces significantly the chases of a stroke and diabetes, osteoporosis and some types of cancer.

Running comes with extra benefits: a better weight control, stronger muscles and bones, stress reduction, self confidence improvement. For men it even resolves some erectile problems. It is also important to mention that all the benefits walking has to offer you will achieve faster while running. This is normal, if you take into account the intensity of this training exercise.

Walking vs Running -How to get the most of it? 

Walking is considered the most simple and natural workout exercise. You don’t need specific equipment and it can be done by almost anybody, anywhere. It is important to mention that the pace should be higher than a normal walk in the park, at a higher pulse. This way you will allow oxygen to reach every body cell and get that great energy feeling. The minimum time for this exercise should be 40-50 minutes per day.

Sometimes confused with jogging, running involves a higher speed, specific equipment and at least 4 runs per week. Usually running comes with a specific goal. Either if you have something to prove to others or you simply you want to compete to yourself. The most common goals you can set are distance or time related. For example being able to run 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, a half marathon (21 km) or a marathon (42 km). After people prove themselves they can run one of the distances mentioned, the next step is time improvement.

The most important part is not whether you choose walking or running… The important part is to just start and to give yourself time…. The most distinguished achievements come with patience, perseverance and lots of fun.

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