Shoulder Acne

Top 5 Natural Shoulder Acne Treatments

Shoulder Acne – When the weather is getting warmer, people tend to be more careful how do they expose themselves on the beach. And back and Shoulder Acne are only two things that people focus on. And they should, because the treatments are numerous. Curing acne naturally is always a better idea, than using medical treatments and procedures. These procedures are not only very expensive, but they also have numerous side effects.

I want to show you 5 natural ways to treat your Shoulder Acne. And these remedies don’t only work for acne on your shoulders, but anywhere else on your body. So try them and enjoy the sun with a clean skin this summer.

5 Shoulder Acne Remedies

Shoulder Acne

Baking Soda – this I personally recommend. I use baking soda for years, not only on the shoulders, back and chest, but also on my face. And it works great. The baking soda acts like a scrub. It clears your skin from the dead cells and impurities. Meanwhile killing the bacteria that cause infections. It disinfects the breakouts and accelerates their healing. You will see the results even after the first use. Your skin will be clearer and smoother. And after a few days the acne will start to disappear.

Aspirin – it is most often used to reduce pain. But did you know that aspirin treats dandruff and acne? It works great when you use it as a mask. You will need about 5 tablets of aspirin. Crush them until they turn into a smooth powder. Then mix it with 3 tablespoons of clean water and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Green Tea – if you are into natural remedies, then maybe you are also a green tea drinker. It is such a healthy beverage. But it also works on the skin. Due to its powerful antioxidants, green tea disinfects and reduces inflammation. It also accelerates the healing of the breakouts. You will have to put a teabag of green tea into a cup of hot water. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then pour the tea into a spraying bottle or any other bottle. Spray it on the affected area after every shower or bath. And leave it on. You can also apply it with cotton balls.

Shoulder Acne Treatments

Apple Cider Vinegar – it is a great tonic, but you always have to dilute it with some water. Otherwise it will burn your skin and do more harm than good. ACV fights acne due to 3 important properties it has. Firstly, AVC it restores the pH balance of the skin. And it also has powerful Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You have to apply it on the affected skin, diluted with water, with cotton balls. Or you can use a spraying bottle.

Tea Tree Oil – this remedy for Shoulder Acne and any other kind of acne has been used by many people with success. It has not only anti-bacterial, but also antiseptic properties. Therefore, its compounds kill the bacteria that causes acne and breakouts. You should use it directly on the skin. Soak a cotton ball in a few drops of tee tree oil and apply on the affected area. If you use it for the first time, then dilute it with a few drops of olive oil.

These 5 natural remedies for Shoulder Acne are extremely effective and useful. They work great and they are affordable. So, choose one that seems more interesting, or even combine them for better results. But use them daily, until you are sure that the skin is fully healed.

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