The Best Scoby Face Mask

The Best Scoby Face Mask

Probiotics are essential when it comes to digestive health. They are the healthy bacteria that you find in fermented food and drinks. By consuming them, you can keep bad bacteria away from your body. Therefore, since they can protect the body from the inside, people started using them topically too. Scoby Face Mask recipes are becoming more and more popular.

Fermented beauty products can nourish the skin with their amino acids and enzymes. The unique fermentation process makes the ingredients more potent. The molecular structure of the ingredients will be broken down, making it easier for your skin to absorb them. You can find Kombucha starter kits online, to help you prepare the Scoby Face Mask. Also known as Kombucha Face Mask.

Scoby Face Mask

How To Make A Scoby Face Mask?

Start out with your packs of Kombucha tea and then brew them in water. You can even add sugar to the mixture. It might seem like a bad idea, but the Scoby ferments the sugar out and creates a probiotic liquid. To begin the fermentation process, bottle the tea in a jar and leave it in a dark, warm place. A kitchen cupboard works best. The hardest part is probably waiting for the tea to ferment. It will take around seven to ten days to get the perfect brew.

After the fermentation process is over, scoop out the Scoby and simply apply it onto your face. You can use it as a Scoby face mask and leave it on for about 15 minutes. It smells slightly of vinegar but you get used to it pretty fast. Do no worry, because it does not cause any skin drying nor irritation. Once the time is up, simply remove it with warm water.

Another way to use the Scoby is as a cleanser. Take out some of it along with the tea brew and gently wash your face with it. It closes your pores and softens the skin immediately.

In conclusion, the Scoby Face Mask is a unique facial treatment that offers lots of skincare benefits. If you are not put off by the aspect of it, then definitely give it a try.

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