Raw Shea Butter Soap For Soft And Smooth Skin

Raw Shea Butter Soap is one of the best options for dry, dull and tired skin. If your skin has these properties, and you want to nourish it with a raw an natural soap, then I have a simple recipe for you. It has only natural and simple ingredients that you can easily find online or in nature shops. But first, let’s see why your skin needs Shea butter.

The Benefits Of Raw Shea Butter Soap For Your Skin

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer. The fatty acids penetrate the skin. They hydrate your skin while nourishing it with the vitamins and nutrients that Shea butter contains. Shea butter is also a great healer. It not only heals your dry skin, but it also protects its natural oils. This amazing oil also contains cinnamic acid, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound. It makes Shea butter a great choice for skin with acne and other issues.

Raw Shea Butter Soap

If your skin looks dry, dull and old, then Shea butter will boost it. It not only moisturizes your skin, but it also contains important antioxidants. These antioxidants help your skin to feel and look younger. After the first use of this Raw Shea Butter Soap, your skin will look smoother and more healthy.

Easy Raw Shea Butter Soap Recipe

For an easier option, you can purchase a Shea butter soap base. Which is natural and contains all the nutrients, vitamins and acids of the Shea butter. And it makes your job easier.

So, the ingredients for a soap are: a half cup of natural Shea butter soap base, 2 tbsp of coconut milk powder, 1 tbsp of raw coconut oil and 7 drops of peppermint oil.

Melt the Shea butter soap base. But don’t melt it on direct heat. Put a pan on the heat and fill it with water. When the water is hot, then put the bowl with the Shea butter soap base over then pan.

While the soap base slowly melts, mix the other three ingredients in a separate bowl. Mix them well until you get a creamy texture. When the soap base is fully melted, you can add the mix in it. Mix it well. Then pour it into your mold tray. Let it cool for at least 2 hours. But you can place your Raw Shea Butter Soap mix in the refrigerator to cool down much quicker.

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