Top 5 Questions About Diabetes Type 1

If you recently found out that you suffer from it, then it’s normal to have Questions About Diabetes Type 1. However, if you only suspect that you may have it, here are some answers to your potential questions:

What is type 1 diabetes? This is a medical condition where the pancreas stops producing insulin. This is a hormone that helps your body use glucose, or the sugar that most foods contain. Therefore, instead of your body transforming glucose into energy, it gets into your bloodstream instead. Type 1 diabetes differs from type 2 because you can treat it only with insulin.

Questions About Diabetes Type 1

What causes type 1 diabetes? Doctors did not find the exact cause of type 1 diabetes as of yet. Many speculate that it is a combination of environmental factors and a genetic predisposition.

How do you treat it? People with type 2 diabetes can take insulin when their pills are not effective. However, unlike them, people with type 1 diabetes can never take pills. The role of insulin treatment is to mimic the way your pancreas would normally produce insulin on its own. Make sure that your treatment helps you regulate your blood sugar levels accordingly. By doing this, you can avoid future complications.

Questions About Diabetes Type 1

What kind of complications should I expect? As you know, blood travels throughout your body, including to your internal organs. This means that when too much sugar is present in your bloodstream, it can cause many problems. One of the Questions About Diabetes Type 1 is whether you are in danger of serious health problems. The answer is that you can, indeed, suffer from kidney failure, strokes, heart attacks and more. However, prevention plays a big role in avoiding all of these complications.

Can you prevent type 1 diabetes? Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this medical condition. However, by respecting the care regimen you can stay healthy and avoid complications.

To sum up, these are some of the most frequent Questions About Diabetes Type 1 that people have. Hopefully, we managed to educate you and ease your worries. If you have any concerns, talk with your doctor and get more answers.

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