The Plan Z Diet

The Plan Z Diet is a special low-calorie eating plan, based on food that a person prepares at home. In addition to the diet, you also need to take a homeopathic supplement that will help you along. You will also benefit from supplied recipes as well as daily coaching emails. This diet has four phases:

Plan Z Diet

ZBinge. During the first two days of this diet, you need to start taking homeopathic supplements. You can eat whatever you want during this stage.

ZReduction. This period extends from day 3 to day 50, and it is the weight loss phase of the Plan Z Diet. You continue to take the homeopathic supplement and limit your calorie intake to 800.

ZReboot. In the following six weeks, you increase your number of calories every day. You will reach a maintenance phase, which will help you towards achieving your goal. This is when your metabolism gets rebooted. This means that you can eat more food without gaining weight, because your metabolism is more efficient.

ZLife. The last phase of the Plan Z Diet is the maintenance phase. By this point you should practice better eating habits. This phase lasts for life.

The Plan Z Diet

The founder of this eating plan writes e-mail recipes newsletters. He has developed hundreds of recipes that dieters can use. These recipes help people make better food choices, with healthy ingredients. The goal is to make the dieter feel like they are not eating diet food. The recipes are for a wide variety of dishes that you can prepare in around 20 minutes. Even those with no kitchen experience can manage to prepare their food with these recipes. In addition to the good, the dieter is encouraged to drink 2 liters of water a day.

In conclusion, the Plan Z Diet seems safe enough to try. You get guidance along the way and it encourages you to make healthy food choices. However, the diet discourages exercising on the basis that it makes you hungry. Apart from this, it seems like a safe diet to try.

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