Migraine Tea Recipe

The Best Migraine Tea Recipe

Migraine Tea Recipe – Headaches and migraines are conditions that many people suffer from. Most of them find relief in common pharmaceutical medicine, which have a longer side effect list than the benefits list. This is the main reason why many people try to find more natural ways to cure their migraine. There are numerous herbal healing options. But before buying a really expensive herbal medicine, you should try this Migraine Tea Recipe.

Migraine Tea Recipe – Ginger Root and Peppermint

Migraine Tea Recipe

This tea contains not only the healing properties of ginger, but also those of peppermint. But let’s see which are the main benefits of these plants for your body.

Ginger root – it is one of the most studied plants in its effects on relieving headaches and migraines. One of such studies, made in 2014, demonstrated that ginger powder capsules had the same effect on patients like the common prescription medicines. It effectiveness is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger root also has compounds that reduce pain. And it also represents and amazing remedy for other symptoms of migraines such as vomiting and nausea.

Peppermint – many migraines and headaches are causes of problems of the digestive system. This herb has amazing abilities to reduce spasms and even migraines caused by headaches.

Therefore, the combination of these two plants represents the ideal natural remedy for your migraine. Ginger takes care of the pain and healing. And peppermint makes sure that your nausea disappears. And your digestive tract is healthy.

Easy Migraine Tea Recipe

The ingredients are simple: 3-5 slices of fresh ginger root, 3-4 leafs of fresh peppermint, water, honey to taste.

Put the water on the heat. When it starts to boil add the ginger root and the peppermint and let it boil for 5 minutes. Then let it stir for 10-15 minutes. Make sure to cover it. Then strain the mix into a cup and add some honey to taste.

This tea will relieve some of the symptoms instantly. But you will have to consume at least 3 cups a day for better results. This Migraine Tea Recipe is the best way to relief your migraine naturally, without side effects.

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