Keratin Treatment At Home

How To Apply A Keratin Treatment At Home?

Keratin Treatment At Home – this amazing treatment is getting more and more popular due to its numerous benefits for the hair, skin and nails. The keratin treatments not only restore the health of broken and dull hair, but it also repairs the damaged hair. It moisturizes the hair and makes it smoother even after the first treatment. Keratin is also very important for the glow and vitality of the hair.

Keratin Treatment At Home – Step By Step

Keratin Treatment At Home

Firstly, prepare the things that you will need for the treatment. So, you will need the keratin treatment, your normal shampoo, glows, hair flattening iron, blow dryer, a towel and a comb.

Before applying the treatment, you have to wash your hair. You have to wash your hair carefully. You can even wash it twice, just to be sure. But don’t apply a conditioner. Use only a shampoo and then rinse. Then dry it with a towel. But leave your hair a little wet, because it will help the keratin to penetrate the strands.

Now apply the keratin carefully. You have to start from the tips of the strands. And stop at about one inch from the scalp. Because keratin shouldn’t be applied on the scalp or skin. After applying, it has to stay on the hair 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you can comb it to help it absorb. After 30 minutes, dry your hair with a blow dryer.

Keratin Treatment At Home

When the hair is completely dry, use the flattening iron. It will help the keratin penetrate more the hair strands. But you have to iron your hair carefully. Divide your hair in very small sections. So the hair strands lock the keratin properly.

When the ironing is done, leave the hair like that for 48 hours. But remember to be careful with your hair for these waiting hours. For example, don’t let your hair to get wet. And leave it straight. So, don’t tie it up or in a ponytail. Don’t even tuck your hair behind your ears. Your hair must be perfectly straight.

When the 48 hours are over, you can wash your hair. Use a good shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly. Also now you should use a conditioner too. Dry your hair and enjoy your soft, shiny and smooth hair.

Using a Keratin Treatment At Home is not easy. But it works just as good as a treatment done by a professional. If you are skilled in hair dressing, you will easily do it yourself. But if you are not that skilled, then you should visit a beauty salon. Because the risks of doing something wrong are huge.

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