Is Herbal Tea Healthy?

Is Herbal Tea Healthy?

Tea has been used for thousands of years, both for drinking enjoyment as well as health benefits. However, is Herbal Tea Healthy? Essentially, herbal tea is made not only from the leaves of the plant, but also from the flower, roots or seeds. You can steep any of these parts in hot water and drink it. Herbal tea does not contain any caffeine and it also has many health benefits.

Most herbal teas on the market are not even actual tea. In certain languages, there are different names for different types of tea, to avoid confusion. Actual tea is the green, white or black variety, as well as rooibos and oolong. Those are made from the actual tea plant. Herbal tea is just an infusion with flowers, leaves and other parts of a plant. The correct term for this drink is tisane.

Is Herbal Tea Healthy

Is Herbal Tea Healthy?

Coming back to the initial question, is Herbal Tea Healthy? The simple answer is: yes, it is. Herbal tea contains only plants; therefore, it cannot do you any harm. Herbal tea does not contain any tea leaves. They are the only ones that contain antioxidants. Therefore, drinking herbal tea does not give you the same benefits. However, it does promote many other health qualities.

Certain teas might not be safe to drink during a pregnancy. Fortunately, you still have many other options you can choose from. These are: ginger, citrus peel, lemon balm, rose hip and many more. Other types of tea also have medicinal properties. Chamomile tea, for example, aids digestion and soothes stomach cramps. As of now there are no standard labeling policies. Therefore, read the ingredients list and warnings on the packages. During pregnancy, only use weak infusions and drink tea in moderation.

All in all, is Herbal Tea Healthy? Yes, it is. However, should you have any concerns, consult with your health practitioner. They can tell you more about which types of tea to drink as well as the appropriate amount. Until then, you can still enjoy a cup of your favorite herbal tea. It has only good things to offer you.

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