Importance of running

Importance of running

Many people wonder what is the importance of running? Well it is really simple if you imagine what our life was like 10 000 years ago. Back then, people considered running a necessity to travel faster, to hunt or to avoid becoming someone’s meal.

Importance of Running

One thing is certain: back then people ran more than they do nowadays. It is also certain that nowadays the purpose of running has changed. So the question remains: What is the importance of running today?

Running is the secret ingredient for health improvement, weight lose, increasing your self confidence, it relieves stress, it lowers the risk of getting sick and it even has the power to get rid of depression.  Along with swimming,running is considered one of the most complex sports.

The good part is that we were born to be runners. Just have a look at children: they could run all day long and they do it so naturally.  Most of the times we wonder : where do they get all the energy from?  Could “running” be the answer?

Importance of running – What happens while we run?

The human body is a very clever and complex mechanism. It adapts constantly to the life style we choose to live. As we run and consume energy constantly, our body will adapt and prepare for the next workout. After a few minutes of running, the brain will start produce a hormone that will relax your whole body. Some studies had gone further and proved that 30 minutes of running are total guarantee of mood shifting… to a happier person, of course.

Beside its obvious health benefits, people who started running became addicted to this sport. So I encourage you to set your alarm early in the morning and enjoy all the benefits that this sport has to offer. There is just only one golden rule: it is very important  to listen to your body and pay attention to the signs that it gives to you as a response to the effort it’s facing.

Have fun discovering how your health can be improved by running !

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