How to Stop a Runny Nose

How to Stop a Runny Nose

You got a cold? Does your nose flow and your head hurts? In this article you will learn some natural remedies on how to stop a runny nose and feel better right away.

How to Stop a Runny Nose- What is a Runny Nose?

Rhinorrhea is the medical term that describes any runny nose. A runny nose is a common symptom found in diseases such as bacterial infections, viral infections, influenza or even allergies.

The reason your nose is running at the beginning of a cold is because your body is trying to block and / or eliminate the bacteria or the virus. Normally your body produces mucus in the nose to keep your breathing air wet. However, when a microbe tries to enter, the body begins production of mucus as a defense mechanism

How to Stop a Runny Nose – Top 5 Home Remedies

How to Stop a Runny Nose1. Hot water with sea salt.  Add a pinch of sea salt in two spoons of very warm water. Mix the two ingredients in a dropper container and add (as water is still warm) two to three drops of solution in each nostril. The sensation is not a pleasant but you will feel better right away.

2. Hot steam inhalations.  Steam inhalation helps to relieve and remove excess mucus from the nose. To make it even more effective, you can also add an essential antimicrobial oil, such as eucalyptus, thyme or mint. They will help remove the mucus because they are powerful decongestants.

The procedure is very simple. More specifically, a steam bath is prepared as follows:

  • heat 3 cups of water in a pot until the water boils.
  • add 2-3 drops of mint, eucalyptus or thyme.
  • put a towel over your head.
  • keep your head in the steam and inspire deep. You can sit this way for 10 minutes and then blow your nose.

How to Stop a Runny Nose – Top 5 Home Remedies

3.  Mustard oil. It is traditionally used as a natural mucolytic due to his warming effect, that leads to a good sinuses drainage. Due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties, mustard oil can even treat the cause of the infection.

Take with a pipette 1-2 drops of oil mustard  and put them in each nostril. Keep your head bent on the back until the oil gets into your sinuses. Wait a few minutes and then blow your nose well.

4. Lemon juice. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and put two drops in each nostril. After applying the drops, blow your nose vigorously. Repeat the operation when needed.

5. Spicy tea.  You can make yourself a tea from ginger, onion, garlic and cloves.  You can drink it twice a day.  It has an antiviral and antibacterial effect.

As an extra tip, it is important to stay hydrated and humidify the room air. Dry air stimulates the clogging of the nose.




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