Holy Basil Vs Basil

Holy Basil vs Basil: Main Differences

Both holy basil and basil are two types of herbs from the mint family. They are just different types of the same plant, although they have many differences. Did you know that there are more than 40 different types of basil in the world? They can easily grow in home gardens and you can even find many kinds in grocery stores. Today we are discussing about holy basil vs basil and their main differences.

Appearance. Let’s begin with the most obvious one. The leaves of the holy basil have rigged edges and have a gray-green color. Regular basil leaves are deep green, with smooth edges and a smooth texture as well. The flower of holy basil has a nice, lavender color, while regular basil flowers are white.

Holy Basil vs Basil

Taste. When it comes to holy basil vs basil, the differences also extend to taste. The former has a sweet fragrance, while the latter is spicier. In addition to this, holy basil has a sharper flavor when raw. However, all types of basil have strong flavors and emit scent easily. Use it sparingly when cooking, because its flavor can be overwhelming at first.

Holy Basil vs basil: Main Differences

Cooking. Both types of basil can be cooked in similar ways. Just grind up the raw basil leaves with a food processor. Add in garlic and olive oil and then you have a nice, homemade pesto for pasta. You can add torn leaves to your soup or casserole to give it a stronger flavor. Also, you can add the leaves into a salad or over grilled chicken breast, for a raw, herbal taste. Holy basil is mostly used in Thai dishes.

Medical remedies. Holy basil is mostly used for medicinal purposes and is considered to be a holy plant in the Hindu culture. People also make medicine from this plant, treating common colds and heart diseases with it. On the other hand, regular basil is not really used for medicinal purposes.

All in all, in the holy basil vs basil arguments, both plants are winners. They both have lots of beneficial properties and are extremely versatile. Try them both and choose the one you like most.

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