Healthy Restaurants

Who hasn’t ordered some fast food while they were in a hurry? Picking up some greasy food to eat at home after a hard day is the ideal comfort. People are always on the lookout for a quick meal. If it’s healthy it’s even better. Therefore, we made a list of Healthy Restaurants that you can choose from when your cravings hit. All of these locations serve food that looks like what you would make at home.

Healthy Restaurants

Panera Bread. This is a bakery-café that will wow you with its impressive healthy choices. It even has lots of healthy options for kids. You will find crowd pleasers like organic yogurt, PB&J, grilled cheese on whole grain bread and more.

Jason’s Deli. This is one of the Healthy Restaurants that deserves a spot on the list. Mostly because of their love for organic food. About one fifth of their ingredients are organic. They have a large selection of salads that make you want to order more greens. Their menu highlights the healthy food and also provides nutritional info for everything.

Healthy Restaurants

Au Bon Pain. Here you can find soups, salads, sandwiches, hot entrees and many more. All of their dishes are made with vegetables, whole grains and hormone free chicken. Au Bon Pain provides customers with nutritional information via computer for every dish they serve. Therefore, you will know all the calories, fat and sodium content of everything you buy.

Chipotle. They have a buffet-style serving. This means that each customer has complete control over their portions. You can choose from the local, organic ingredients and antibiotic free meats. This is a revolutionary tactic in the fast-food business. Therefore, Chipotle deserves its spot on the Healthy Restaurants list.

Atlanta Bread. They serve low-fat muffin tops that have only 200 calories. However, this chain has more going on that just muffins. The innovative bakery serves fresh sandwiches, whole-grain bread and fresh salads. Their sides are great too, including black beans and corn salads.

All in all, these are some of the best Healthy Restaurants that you can go to whenever you want to indulge.

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