Healthy Heels

Natural Solutions For Healthy Heels

Our heels are the workhorses of our bodies. And we give them so little attention and respect. It is always so easy to take our feet for granted. They are always there, putting up with so many things for us. From being jammed into uncomfortable shoes to walking or standing for hours on end. Our feet endure so much for us. This explains why we need to have Healthy Heels. We are here to the rescue, with a couple of pieces of advice.

Healthy Heels

First of all, mind your hygiene. Make a habit out of washing your feet with a washcloth every couple of days. Yes, we know that means bending over in the shower to do so. It is a small price to pay. Pay attention to the area between your toes too. Moreover, do not forget to dry your feet afterward. This will prevent problems such as foot odor, athlete’s foot and fungus.

Healthy Heels

Forget the Epsom salt. Next time you soak your feet, better not add any at all. It is too drying and strips your skin of its moisture. It does not offer many medical benefits either. Just opt for regular warm water and some liquid soap. You can also add in a couple of drops of essential oils. They soften the skin and leave it smelling pleasantly.

Moisturize your feet after washing them. This is especially true during those harsh winter months. Try to moisturize at least several times a day. You do not even need anything fancy for this. Some basic lotions or creams work just fine. Things like shea butter, coconut oil or Argan oil are also good for Healthy Heels.

Alternate your shoes daily. Ditch your favorite shoes and try to swap them with other pairs. This helps you avoid unpleasant foot odors or getting foot infections. Do not wear socks or stockings more than once. This promotes the spreading of bacteria and can even cause cracked heels.

To sum up, these are the best methods to obtain Healthy Heels. Take extra care of your feet, because they support you and endure the brunt of all you do.

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