The GOMAD Diet

The GOMAD Diet

More and more diets appear every day in an attempt to keep up with people’s needs. Some want to lose weight, others need to eat healthier while some want to gain some pounds. For this reason, the GOMAD Diet came into play. The name is an abbreviation of Gallon of Milk a Day. Read that again. Yes, you understood correctly. It seems a bit ridiculous. Let us see if it works and why.

We will begin with the positive facts first. Milk is a whole food source. It contains lots of micro and macro nutrients that your body needs. Being a fluid, it also gives you the proper hydration that you require. In addition to this, it also has a good dose of protein, saturated fat and carbohydrates. Milk offers you enough calcium, magnesium and vitamin A. Lots of nutritionists agree that it is the perfect food.


The GOMAD Diet

Now, let us move on to the negative aspects of the GOMAD Diet. Drinking a gallon of milk a day is too much. Drinking anything in such large amounts is too much, actually. It will also get boring pretty fast. Some people struggle to drink a gallon of water, therefore will probably not manage to drink this much milk. In addition to this, by drinking so much milk you won’t have room for any food. Liquids are not enough to keep you going throughout the day.

The GOMAD Diet is only for a specific type of people. Probably the young and underweight teenage boys that need to gain weight. Or maybe athletes that wish to get strong quickly. In most cases, these types of people exercise a lot and therefore need the proteins. This diet also works for people that prefer to drink their calories rather than eat them. Females need a slower and less-aggressive approach to weight gain.

In conclusion, the GOMAD Diet is far from perfect and is not suitable for everyone. Approach it with caution and with an objective mindset. If you really think that it can suit you, then feel free to take it up.

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