Citrus Allergy Cure

Citrus Allergy Cure

An allergy to citrus is very rare, however, it tends to occur sometimes. People manifest symptoms towards the following fruits: grapefruit, lime, lemon and oranges. You can have an allergic reaction to the fruit or even to the juice or the peels. Continue reading to find out more about the symptoms as well as the Citrus Allergy Cure.

Most people that have an allergy to citrus can experience the symptoms after eating something with raw citrus. Often, the symptoms are topical. You can feel a tingling sensation on your lips, tongue and even throat. Sometimes your lips and gums can redden or swell, too.

Citrus Allergy Cure

Citrus Allergy Cure

These are the symptoms of an oral allergy syndrome. People that have it can usually eat the fruits when they are cooked. Moreover, the allergy can develop later in life, even if you have been eating citrus until then with no problem. People that are allergic to citrus can experience contact dermatitis. This means that you have an allergic reaction whenever citrus comes into your contact with your skin. In this case, the symptoms include hives, itching, blisters and dry, flaky skin.

A Citrus Allergy Cure is possible. People that suffer from this condition can take anti-histamine drugs as well as skin lotions. In the case of more severe allergies, doctors will recommend broncho-dilators to minimize respiratory problems. Apart from these, there isn’t another Citrus Allergy Cure. Your best option is to stay away from all types of citrus that causes your reactions.

Avoid anything from citrus juice to raw citrus. In addition to this, always check the label before buying any type of juice. Sometimes factories mix in some citrus juice for the extra taste. Try not to eat unripe or freshly picked citrus either. It is more dangerous and irritant than ripe fruit.

To sum up, there is no Citrus Allergy Cure, but there are methods to alleviate the symptoms. Until then, it is best to avoid potential dangers at all costs. If you have a simple intolerance instead of an allergy, you can eat them in smaller quantities.

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