Chili Powder Substitute

The Best Chili Powder Substitute

Chili Powder Substitute – There are 2 situations in which you need a Chili Powder Substitute. First is when you are allergic to chili. Yes, it is possible, the human body can be allergic to anything. If you have this allergy, then you have to replace chili in every spicy recipe with a substitute. The second situation is when you started to cook and you realized that you are out of chili. Instead of sunning to the store, you should look for substitutes that you might already have in your kitchen.

A few Examples of Chili Powder Substitute

Chili Powder Substitute

Paprika – when you are craving chili, you actually crave something spicy. And paprika is a great option. You can find it as powder or sauce. Each package has a scale of the spiciness of the product. Therefore, you can find paprika from the mild and bearable option, to the hard core spiciness. Which not everyone can bear. Paprika can be extremely spicy, so be careful.

Hot Red Pepper Powder – it is an amazing Chili Powder Substitute. It is red and gives a beautiful red color to your dish. And it is also spicy, but not as spicy as paprika. So, if you are not a huge fan of spicy food, this might be a good option. And if you want only that red color for your dish, you can find normal sweet red pepper powder. Which is not spicy.

Chili Powder Substitute

Other Hot Pepper Powders – there is no better substitute for chili than hot pepper. And nowadays the it is very easy to specific hot pepper species. Therefore, you can choose cayenne powder, which is not red, but it is spicy. Or chipotle powder. But these products are hotter than the typical chili powder. And the chipotle powder gives a smokey taste to your dish.

In conclusion, these are the most common Chili Powder Substitute examples that you can find. Most of the are much spicier than chili. Others have that beautiful color of chili. You have to analyze the meal that you are cooking and see what you need. These are all healthy substitutes and easy to find in any store.

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