Body Sculpt Exercises

4 Best Body Sculpt Exercises

To get the best contours, cuts and lines, you need to work some surprising muscles. Here is what they are as well as how to work them. Use these Body Sculpt Exercises to help you out.

Floor Press. For a defined abdomen, you need to work the muscles on your side. Sounds surprising. However, when they are strong, they pave your way towards a flat abdomen. Lie face-up on the floor, holding a weight in your left hand. Extend your arm upwards while keeping your right one by your side. Hold for 3 beats, then lower it. Repeat 5 times then switch sides. Lying down helps more because it allows you to lift heavier objects.

Body Sculpt Exercises

Reverse Toe Tap. For gorgeous legs, you need to work your shin muscles. Begin this exercise by sitting on a chair. Cross your legs, left thigh over the right, tying a string around a dumbbell. Hang it on your left shoe. Flex your left foot towards your shin, then release. Do 15 reps of this exercise, then switch legs.

Body Sculpt Exercises

The Rotator. For nice, show-off shoulders, you need to do this following exercise. First of all, stand with your right arm extended in front of you, at shoulder height. Your palm should press a ball against the wall. Now, slowly move the ball in clockwise circles 20 times. Repeat 20 more times in the opposite direction. Switch sides, then do one more rep. You do not need heavy weights to work these muscles.

Rainbow Raise. To tone your arms, all you have to do is do the following exercise. Take a resistance band and hold it in front of your hips. Place your hands so they face your thighs, then raise your arms overhead. Pull your arms apart from each other, keeping them straight. Create tension in the band and hold it there. Release movement then repeat 12 more times. Do 3 reps of this exercise.

To sum up, these are the best Body Sculpt Exercises that target the most important muscle groups. Start doing them now and get the perfect summer body.

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