Benefits of Vitamin A

Benefits of Vitamin A- What is Vitamin A?

Before we can discus about the benefits of vitamin A, we must ask ourselves : what is vitamin A? Well, this vitamin  is a liposoluble vitamin with important roles in our body. The precursors of vitamin A are provitamin A or carotenoids such as alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. They are found in plants, and our body turns them into vitamin A.

Benefits of Vitamin A

 Vitamin A in an adequate amount ensures the proper functioning of your body.  You can take vitamin A naturally trough the foods you eat daily or you can administrate supplements(only with medical advice).

 Some of the richest foods in vitamin A are: eggs, beef liver, oily fish, butter and fatty dairy products.

Your body can produce vitamin A by eating colorful vegetables and fruits that contains carotenoids. You can find carotenoids  in vegetables as sweet potatoes, kale, carrot, sweet red pepper, spinach, romaine lettuce. And fruits like mango, papaya, grapefruit, cantaloupe, passion fruit, apricot.

Benefits of Vitamin ABenefits of Vitamin A- Top 7

1. It has antioxidant properties for your body. Carotenoids can destroy free radicals, protecting you from diseases like cancers and eye problems.

2. It helps you assimilate calcium. Therefore your chances of getting a bone fracture are much higher if you have a low level of vitamin A.

3. It protects your eyes and improves visual acuity. For an effective nocturnal view, your eyes need vitamin A, which helps your body to synthesize rhodopsin. This is a pigment that make our eyes able to see in the dark. Furthermore, it can prevent diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts.

Benefits of Vitamin A- Top 7

4. It is amazing for your skin. If you use a vitamin A cream, it will make your skin more elastic, firmer and supple. As a result of eating food full of vitamin A,  your skin will produce collagen and reduce fine wrinkles. Also, it will protect your skin from the aggression of external factors such as UV rays.

 5. It is essential for your reproductive system.  A normal level of vitamin A will regulate hormonal metabolism, ensuring optimal production of eggs and sperm. For pregnant women, vitamin A helps to increase and develop the child’s main organs. Including the skeleton, the nervous system, the heart, the kidneys, the eyes, the lungs and the pancreas. But, you also should know that too much vitamin A during pregnancy can be dangerous. This can lead to birth defects.

6. It supports your immune system.  One of the most important role of vitamin A is to stimulate the activity of white blood cells. They will increase your resistance to infections and protect the membranes covered with mucus.

7.  It can reduce the risk of some types of cancer. Not the last, and maybe the most important roll of the vitamin A is to protect you against cancer. So it will stimulate the immune cells, called macrophages, to produce tumor necrosis factor that kills cancer cells.

 In conclusion, a colorful plate is a great way to provide your body a safe amount of vitamin A.

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