Are Grits Healthy?

Are Grits Healthy? Before we answer this question, we have to first analyze what grits are made of. Grots are small, round chips made out of dried corn. Their texture resembles that of a loose polenta. You can find both regular as well as instant grits in stores. To prepare them, you need some water or milk. The healthiest way of eating them is plain, but there are also people that prefer to add cheese and salt.

Carbohydrates. Being made out of grains, grits do provide some healthy carbohydrates. A single serving of them contains 13.5 grams. This means around 6% of the daily amount of carbohydrates your body needs. Carbohydrates give you energy to function, as well as enough fiber for your body to use as fuel. Studies show that grits are good for people with diabetes because this food has a low glycemic index.

Are Grits Healthy

Proteins. Grits do not have a high quantity of proteins. Each serving only has about 1.4g per serving. However, you can still get your daily intake by adding chicken, clams or shrimp to them. You will get enough proteins as well as the essential amino acids from the meat.

Are Grits Healthy?

Vitamins. Are Grits Healthy vitamin wise? Yes, they are indeed. A portion of them contains 14% of the recommended dose of iron. This is an important mineral that your body needs in order to supply your cells with oxygen. In addition to this, you also get a small prevent of vitamin A from them. Grits are good for your eyes as well as for your immune system.

Nutrition for athletes. Grits could be even more beneficial to athletes than oatmeal. A cup of grits has 38g of carbohydrates while oatmeal only has 27. People that engage in lots of physical activity need energy to get them through the day. Therefore, to enhance muscle endurance as well as performance, grits are a good alternative to oatmeal.

In conclusion, Are Grits Healthy? Yes, they are. Made from dried corn kernels, grits provide enough vitamins, carbs and proteins. Consider flavoring them with herbs and a pinch of salt to get the most out of them.

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